The Espana Levante Submariners


Was formed in April 2009. The first overseas Branch outside of the British Commonwealth.

Currently with approx 55 Members , it covers a large area of southern Spain, predominantly the Costa Blanca, and all inland areas in between.  Hitherto because members have to travel considerable distances, meetings currently only take place twice yearly. These being in April and November, which allows reasonable accommodation charges in  Benidorm where the meetings are held.    Some members attend for the Meeting and evening meal, which is always on a Saturday, and some make a weekend out of it.  For details of the next meeting, see our "MEETINGS" Page.

  Albeit originally part of the S A, as of the 1st January 2016, the Branch decided to stand alone, due to unnecessary increase in fees to the SA for overseas members. This in no way changes what we stand for, and our beliefs, in where we came from will never change. They cannot take that away from us. We are still Submariners Spain


Why not join us, it is good fun. Contact our secretary.

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