The Branch has two forms of membership, those who were and those who wish they were.

 Full membership:

i.  Officers and ratings who have served, or who are still serving as qualified members of the Ships Company of HM Submarines.  This includes members of the crews of Allied submarines which operated under the command of The Flag Officer Submarines in British Flotillas during World War  Two (1939-1945).

ii.  Exceptionally, qualified submariners of other navies who have served in HM Submarines on exchange drafts for a least six months may have applications for full Membership submitted by a branch for consideration by the National Management Committee.

iii.  Those people with an interest in Submarines, or anyone in the Branch

All members will pay 5.euros for the year 2018. Although the membership listing is split between full and Associate we all pay the same. It is just the submariners history is declared. Other wise we are all equal. If you are a full member of a UK Branch, do your own thing.


If you are interested in joining, please contact the Secretary, Bob Head at  Please complete the following application form and send to Bob.

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