The photographs, are of some of our Branch Members, if you do not appear please send me one. (Jpeg is good)

Geoff our most senior member Mountstephen. (Not that he is the oldest, or anything!) Branch President.

Hail the Chief !  our illustrious leader Roger Parsons. Chairman. 

What a fine figure of a man. Our very own Secretary, Bob (Nutty) Head. 

Our very own dodgy Treasurer, Roy the Bed Bayliss. 

Vice President. Terry Hoyland. 

Timmy (When is Tot Time?) Greensides. 

Scotland's finest. Andy Clarkson

The posing POME,  Brian Busch.

Our very own Back Afty, Roger Dawes.

The international entrepreneur and Socialite, Judd the George Hockey. 

Now in Ozzie our very own Ron Gurr. Sleeping member.!

 Ex Coxn. Keith Gane (Chopper) 

 From Lee on Solent. Fezz Parker

Jan Booty 

 Smudge Smith.

Andy Norris

 Chris Crunchie Bunch.

Bungy Williams.
Jeff Jeffrey.
Jeff Jeffrey

Mike Charlton 

 A very laid back Mal Hubner.

Jan Hemsley.MAA
Les Hughes.

Frances Pateman, Tims Wife.

Mags Smith. 

Mal, Bleckinsop. 

Tiny Little. 

Dez Evans, Red eye, my Camera or him????


Leslie Jeffery. Sorry about the top of your head, and those drunk eds behind you.x 

Bob Harrison.
Eddie Carr. 
Raymond (Zepp) Heppel. 
Keith Largue. 

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