This page shows photos of Submarines, our members served on. 

Firstly some amazing facts, which I am sure will impress you.? Of our 40 Ex Submariner members, they served on a total of many Submarines, of which a lot  were different. Brian Busch had 9 submarines. Also we have:

3 S and S, 9 Sailors,9 Sparkers, 9 Back afties ,8 Greeneys and last but by no means least 3 Grocers.

I hope you enjoy.

When you joined Submarines, did you ever consider that you might end up looking like this! Bob (Nutty) Head.  Scrubs up well don't he!)

Alongside at Fort Blockhouse, thanks to Smudge Smith. 

HMS AENEAS (Andy Clarkson,, Mal Hubner)

HMS ALCIDE. Martin Parker

HMS AMBUSH (Brian Busch, John Parker,Les Catlin ) 

HMS ALLIANCE (John Smith, Andy Norris,)

HMS ANCHORITE (Terry Hoyland, Roger Parsons,  Mike Charlton, George Harrison, ) 

HMS AMPHION (Brian Busch, George Hockey, Mike Charlton) 

HMS ANDREW (Brian Busch, Keith Gane, Mal Hubner,

HMS ARTFUL (Geoff Mounstephen, ) 

HMS ASTUTE (George Hockey, Keith Gane(2)) 

HMS AURIGA (Andy Clarkson, Keith Gane)

HMS AUROCHS (Terry Hoyland)

 This is HM S/M Churchill on the Step. (Roger Dawes, Geoff Mounstephen, Alan Booty, Phil Oliver,  )

HMS CONQUEROR (Roy Bayliss, Jan Booty, Albert Barlow)

HMS COURAGEOUS (Roger Dawes, Bungy Williams, Eddie Carr, John Palmer)

HMS DREADNOUGHT (Chopper Gane,  Mike Charlton(1st Brit Boat at the North Pole 3 March 1971)

HMS FINWHALE  (Bob Head, Chris Bunch, Les Catlin)

HMS GRAMPUS (Brian Busch,  Roger Parsons, )

HMS NARWHALE. (  Mal Hubner)

HMS OBERON (Alan Booty, Brian Busch, Andy Clarkson,  Barry Alford,Willy Wilmshurst) 

HMS OCELOT. (Zepp Heppel) , Gary Marriott, John Palmer, Les Catlin)

HMS ODIN (Andy Clarkson, Bungy Williams,Barry Alford,Bob Sherriff,Gary Marriott, Ian Sharpe)

HMS OLYMPUS. (Tiny Little, Barry Alford(2), Brum Cockbill, Gordon Blackmore) 

HMS ONSLAUGHT (Geoff Mounstephen, Chris Bunch,Tiny Little)

HMS ONYX ( Andy Norris, Bungy Williams, Mal Hubner, Bob Sherriff, zepp Heppel, Ian Sharpe)

HMS OPPORTUNE (Bob Head, Keith Gane, Chris Bunch, Bungy Williams, Barry Alford, Brum Cockbill, Gary Marriott, John Palmer)

HMS OPPOSUM (Brian Busch (2)  Andy Norris, Bob Howarth, John Palmer, Martin Parker, Ian Sharpe)

HMS ORACLE (Andy Clarkson, John Parker, Zepp Heppel,  Gordon Blackmore)

HMS ORPHEUS (Brian Busch, Andy Clarkson,Bob Sherriff, Gordon Blackmore, Les Catlin)

HMS OSIRIS (Bob Head, John Smith, Jeff Jeffrey, Mal Hubner (2), John Palmer, Gary Scoble, Willy Wilmshurst,Les Catlin)

HMS OTTER ( Bungy Williams, John Ettridge,  Ian Sharpe, Gary Scoble, Willy Wilmshurst, Les Catlin)

HMS OTUS, around 1968 with John Smith somewhere on the Casing, departing Fort Blockhouse. (John smith, Zepp Heppel, Derek Henderson)

HMS PORPOISE  (John Parker, Gary Marriott)

HMS RENOWN ( Tim Greensides, Chris Bunch, Mike Charlton, Gary Scoble(2)) 

  HMS REPULSE. ( Mike Charlton,Brum Cockbill, Gary Marriott, Derek Henderson, Martin Parker, Gordon Blackmore (2), Gary Scoble)

HMS RESOLUTION  (Gerry England, Tim Greensides,Geoff Mounstephen,John Parker,Bob Sherriff,George Harrison, John Ettridge, Derek Henderson, Gordon Blackmore)

 What a shot.

HMS REVENGE (Roy Bayliss, Ron Gurr, Bungy Williams,  Paul Lock, Bob Sherriff, Albert Barlow(2), Gary Scoble )

3 SSBNs on the roof, wonder where the other one is? 

HMS RORQUAL (Brian Busch, Ron Gurr,George Hockey (2), Geoff Mounstephen,  Jeff Jeffrey, Bob Sherriff)

HMS SEA DEVIL (Terry Hoyland,)


HMS SPARTAN ( Brum Cockbill, Eddy Carr (2))

HMS SPLENDID (Eddy Carr, Mal Blenkinsopp)

HMS SWIFTSURE (George Hockey, Tiny Little)

HMS SPITEFUL (Terry Hoyland)


HMS SUPERB (George Hockey,)

HMS TABARD (Alan Booty, Terry Hoyland, Geoff Mounstephen, )

HMS TACITURN (Alan Booty, Geoff Mounstephen)

HMS TAPIR (Terry Hoyland)

HMS TIPTOE (John Smith, Ron Gurr, Chris Bunch)


HMS THERMOPYLAE. (Mike Charlton, Barry Alford) 

HMS VALIANT ( Roger Dawes,George Harrison, Phil Oliver)


HMS TORBAY.( Ian Sharpe, Willy Wilmshurst)

HMS TOTEM (Alan Booty, )

HMS TRENCHANT. (Mal Hubner, Willy Wilmshurst) 

HMS TRUMP (Terry Hoyland)

HMS TRUNCHEON (Bob Head, George Hockey)

HMS TURBULENT (Willy Wilmshurst)
HMS UNICORN (Albert Barlow, Willy Wilmshurst)






HMS WALRUS (Roger Parsons, Derek Henderson, Willy Wilmshurst)

HMS WARSPITE (Alan Booty, Geoff Mounstephen)

That Concludes our list of Submarines served on by our members, I now attach some more photos for our Associate Members, so they do not feel left out.

And for our Warrant Officer WRNS, Lez Hughes.

Jan Hemsley. MAA 

Bob Harrison. CPO WTR. 

Kevin Barber, ex Admiralty Harbour Pilot. 

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